May 2, 2016

I do this weird thing with poker and poker "celebs".  I google/youtube the crap out of them.  I remember being too young to understand but I would sit on the couch with my brother and watch WSOP tournaments on ESPN for hours.  Vietnamese people don't really have a sport like other Asian countries.  Poker is the only thing we're good at so of course some of my favorite players are Vietnamese and Chinese people that have essence of Viet.  These Viets that play poker usually have a black essence.  So I guess what I'm trying to say is Scotty Nguyen is #1 fav.  I search for new content every now and then and discover new uploads of old poker moments.  This gives me a chance to discover other players and if they have enough personality at the table, I tend to google them too.  Philip Hilm was one of these interesting people.  I googled him to see if he still worked in the Poker realm or if he started new endeavors.  Let me explain something else.  Some poker players are just poker players, this is their occupation.  Most of them actually have other jobs/careers.  Lots of them are doctors, lawyers, students in college, and just regular people with regular jobs.  Turns out Philip did a little TEDtalks thing a few months ago.  He's such a nerd!  (He said it himself)  Anyway, here is the video.  I thought it was interesting.  I like to share things.  You probably want to tell me... "Hey Kimberly, Facebook actually lets you share things and people are more likely to click than end up on your shitty site!".  Well, Facebook is full of shithead friends that don't appreciate things I appreciate.  People on Facebook love sharing memes from Twitter and IG and videos from YouTube or Vine.  I would get off Facebook but it's good for work.  Ya know, like going to work and going on Facebook and killing time and talking to old friends from high school/college that want to tell you they want to do things to your lower half.